There are so many people that struggle with money that we wanted to see if we could help them. We know that there are a lot of reasons for people struggling but we know that if a person feels in control of their money, then they will feel much happier. Therefore, we put together this website with information on which we hope will start people off moving towards this direction. We have provided explanations and hints and tips in the hope that people reading it will start to think a lot more about the financial decisions that they are making. A lot of people will just concentrate on managing day to day but we hope that our articles will help people plan more and think about the consequences of the decisions that they are making. We want them to be able to feel like that they are knowledgeable and that they know what they should be focussing on when it comes to money. Hopefully they will then be able to manage it better and will not be such a struggle. By just reduce this stress in peoples lives, we hope that everything will seen a lot easier and they will be able to have a generally happier and more relaxed time when they are thinking about money.