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Counties & District CC Championship

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From the 2014-15 season onwards, the tournaments will be organised as follows:- 

Three Divisions – Division One (Ward-Higgs), Division Two (Sinclair) & Division Three (Butler-Thomas). All games will be played by webserver. 8 players per team, all webserver, one opponent per player with two games (one with White one with Black). 
Entry Fee £12 per team. Multiple teams from one County or District may be entered.
1/ Ward – Higgs: 10 teams. The bottom two teams shall be relegated.
2/ Sinclair: 10 teams. The top two teams will be promoted to the Ward-Higgs; the bottom two teams relegated to the Butler-Thomas.
3/ Butler-Thomas: 10 teams. The top two teams will be promoted to the Sinclair.
Tie-Break Rules for 2014/5 onwards:- Where game points are equal, the result shall be decided by:-
(i) Number of Wins. If the tie is not resolved then:
(ii) Board Count: the numbers of the boards won by each team shall be added together, and the team with the lower total shall win. If the tie is not thereby resolved:
(iii) Elimination: the lowest board shall be eliminated from the match score. This operation shall be repeated until the scores are unequal. If still tied, the teams are equal.
Neil Limbert will be the overall Tournament organiser and Tournament Director once they are up & running. The crosstables would be maintained on the BFCC website. Entry fees can be paid by cheque sent to Neil Limbert (payable to “BFCC”) or pay online via this website:  
Entries to be received by 30 September with the tournament commencing in October. Time Limit for webserver events 10 moves in 30 days. Adjudication date 31 August giving 10 months playing time (1 Nov – 31 August) provided I get the tournament up & running in late October.
Honours Board - Competition Winners
  Ward - Higgs Sinclair Butler - Thomas
2012/3 Essex Sussex                  Warwickshire
2013/4 Yorkshire Yorkshire C No competition
2014/5 Essex Essex C Surrey B
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Guide to Correspondence Chess

This document, written by Neil Limbert, is an excellent introduction to correspondence chess for new players; download it from here.

Online Fee Payment

The form below is provided for you to make an online payment for tournament entries or membership subscriptions. Please put your name and the event entered, or other reference (e.g. 'new membership' or 'membership renewal') in the text field.

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